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Data Protection & Cybersecurity


van Berings assists its Clients in navigating the rapidly changing privacy and technology landscapes to minimize their legal risk, and helping them enhance their business opportunities. From advising with respect to the Client’s cyber incident response plan, to mobilize a data breach response, or conduct a privacy audit of the Client’s vendors, we have the capabilities necessary to provide companies with tailored or full-service primary advice, and maintain the continuity of their operations amidst evolving cyber-threats and a complex regulatory landscape. Well conscious that a cyber- or privacy-related development can expand to encompass a number of significant legal issues, van Berings works seamlessly with its Clients’ attorneys to address subsequent risks such as government or regulatory inquiries, shareholder, consumer or employee class action litigation, trade secrets theft, and funding or financial issues. van Berings maintains excellent and long-lasting working relationships with insurance carriers and brokers, public relations and communications firms, and other cyber-first responders and forensic experts, so that our Clients can rely on a “One-Stop-Firewall” to immediately and comprehensively access all of the resources necessary to swiftly manage and resolve any cyber- or privacy-related crisis situation.


Increasing innovative mining and analytic tools have boosted companies’ attitude to find innovative ways to monetize the huge amounts of information about their customers that are available to them, thus drawing the close attention of regulators, government officials and employees’ or consumers. Companies that do not have robust privacy compliance programs are facing increased legal exposure. Many of our Clients use and distribute data across multiple geographic regions and across multiple device types. We assist our Clients on establishing and maintaining global privacy policies that are customized to the requirements of each single country. van Berings closely works with Clients to understand and comply with cross-border data flow requirements in a manner that is best suited for their business needs.


van Berings also conducts data privacy compliance audits helping the Clients eliminate potential areas of liability, and engenders a culture of vigilance with respect to privacy compliance.

As part of our privacy audits we:

  • ensure the client collects and utilizes personally identifiable information in a manner that complies with applicable requirements as well as statements it has made to customers and employees;
  • ensure the company is in compliance with any data use restrictions imposed by third parties, including social media platforms;
  • establish internal processes and create policies to ensure that personally identifiable information is always used in a manner that complies with applicable legal requirements and external and internal disclosures;
  • establish a data map of how information is collected, used, managed, stored and distributed internally and externally that can be updated and monitored on a regular basis;
  • establish ongoing training and monitoring programs;
  • review and/or create all necessary policies and procedures.